16 јун 2015


In a single day the autumn arrived

Dear Lord, make everything be right
and you are the one who knows what’s right

The suitcase on the deserted coast of the Black Sea
packed for a long trip

and in it all sorts of unnecessary whatsoevers

the passenger travels on the train which is himself
all the stations are just his
all the suitcases overloaded with messy burden
belonging just to him
the wind has blown so many tears through the open window
into the scenery which passes by with the rumbling chugga chugga
no use of chugga chugga no use of chugga chugga no use

whose is the voice in the night
the music is twisting you while you are
staring in your empty compartment
all the seats neatly labeled
and there’s nobody to enter

not even the conductor to charge the no-way ticket 

                                                                                    Translated Maja Pešić