19 октобар 2007


(the final song of the book ORGIES OF THE EMPTINESS)

I’m shivering in the window which is a night
the texture of this paper despairs
over the growing-wild boredom night
and death is close the mask of
cockroaches which run away
from the sudden light behind the mirror
who, inconsiderate like an angel,
fell into a wild trap
which is a sharp hole full of
roaring trigrams which knit
evanescence around the green vagueness
who, lukewarm of ashes,
kicked, kicked my ice peace
notes have slid off the shadow
which is a monk just like this night
which is the sword of the monk is
the star saber, the hiperstring
torn off the rug of dimensions,
really one disharmonious melody

my job is ordinary
comprehensible even to the commons night
I’m building deserted islands for
the survived ship wreckers and again
the shadows hate each other and hide
the hexagrams
the important ones which make the destiny
ossify around the silken adventures

my job is ordinary
the universe is but a lump of Moebious’ stripes
none of them tied into a dark knob
where curious I painted the night
into colorful crusts and now those who walk
on Sundays after lunch after beer dough or halva
they are drowning
caught at the bottom
they said I was strange
from the window they saw other
sights the trucks of ivory
and the carnival of coca cola
empty from the bottom to the half
and to the top syrup of laughter
my job is after all ordinary
directing the reality to be
worthy of Identity and Revenge
like that Night like the law of falling
like the wind between the warm
and the cold like the fear of dying
like the boring eternity of God
who plays the same crossword
from dust to trembling brain
every thought is followed by shame
of being itself an eternal world
and this line of words
composed without a single rustle
glorifies the silence behind the skin
the silence dispersed among the ghosts
which are dragging around
and seek love
love to make the changes coherent
all the changes above the abyss
and at least for once under the crippled stars
may mathematics be clear

Na engleski prevela Maja

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