04 фебруар 2008


Everything will be all right
everything will fall into place
streets will put cars to sleep
around midnight
stars will restore the city
to the drunken sky
parks will besiege the wind
all around
and it will calm down
on a bench

and where is that midnight
where sky
that is less important
it’s the same everywhere when everything’s ok
when everything is in its place
and the cars are parked in the same way
and the stars twinkle evenly
and parks are sitting
peacefully on their benches
may everything be just fine
may everything be in its place

nobody dies
nobody is born
myriad few of us
fell asleep
and the broken record is repeating
the tune
everything will be all right
everything will fit into place
those who were here still are
those who have left there dwell
and nobody eavesdrops the echoes
in the derelict hall

changes who needs changes
I saw a man once
sitting in an armchair in the street of the demolished Groznyy
I saw him on television
sitting in exactly the same armchair
his eyes were peacefully saying
everything will be all right
we will drink to the health
of the forgotten in the forest stream
light a cigarette
for that little remaining money
we will buy at least some chocolate
for our children’s kids
wars are a past
wars are bad dreams
after war films
wars have finished
like the programme
with the snow that flickers in the ether
everything will be all right
everything will fit into place

the bed we bought
and in which somebody else sleeps
and the bed which sails
down the stream of our childhood
and the hand that was entangling our hair
and the hand that was pinching our
white meat
the letters we have sent
and the letters we have never received
nights that we have drank up
and the nights we have carefully saved
for better tomorrow
love that was taken away from us
and love that we grabbed
everything will fit into place
everything will be all right
lined peacefully
like the night in the fire of nothing
like in the boot of benevolent God

Na engleski prevela Maja

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