01 август 2008


Fotografije sa Festivala:

Ispred zgrade Udruženja pisaca u Bukureštu: Zoran Pešić Sigma, Ivan Esenski, Ivan Negrišorac i Dumitru M. Jon.

Karolina Ilika

Jurij Cvetkov, Liza Majer i Zoran Pešić Sigma

Kraj spomenika Nikiti Stanesku u Bukureštu: Zoran Pešić Sigma, Danilo Fajzov i Ivan Esenski

Pesnici ispred crkve u Kurte de Arđešu

Festival je bio od 16. do 22. jula 2008.

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  1. The Poem I Never Wrote
    Stefania Oproescu

    I was there. We were all
    One had come with “The First Street Railway”1
    Another with “A Blossomed Rock on the Right Arm”2
    “Hay Cocks, Wild Breasts; Silk-made” were there3
    At their sight everybody dropped “The Hand Off the Knife”4
    “Time Bangs Like a Little Coffee Spoon” there5
    Like a “Narcissus in Spring”6
    Together they “Make an Absolte Balcanic Yoga Exercise”7
    “Quiet Fires”8
    In a “Hotel for Musicians”9
    They seemed images of a “Peta with Butterflies” painting10
    From which at times “A Vision Visits You”11
    Descifring “The Number of the Dream”12
    Some “Pilgrims with a Field Glass”13
    “In a Chamber”14
    Were singing “Ode to Life”15
    “Not a Human Tongue”16
    Was disturbing “The White Roses of the Garden”17
    There was silence in the “Tell the Grass to Wait” prayer18
    “I See my Own Body Worn Away by Injusticies”19
    And “I Fear”20
    Yes, I knew that “Everything Is Going to Be Alright” there21
    And that it will be “A Neverending Song”22
    brought by a “Salt Angel”23
    To light up “The Holy Hope”24
    “From the Sun’s Balcony”25
    where, “The Umbilicus Is the End of the Earth”26
    Why then, “My Tongue Has Come Out of My Mouth”27
    “In the Rainy Sundays”28
    when, “my wings have thrusted into my backside”29
    when I was told “Don’t Belive That You Exist”30
    when, “Misses Word and Mister Thought”31
    busy with a “Small Love Poem”32
    made up “The Face of the World”?33
    I was holding “The Summer from the Breast”34
    like a “Lion in the Cage”35
    I was sitting “like a beggar at the church gate”36
    in a “Landscape With Hate and Trains”37
    in a “Purple Compassion”38
    and it was “The Postal Code From Your Birth City”39
    where “Every Death Speeds Yours”40
    I have been there. We were still all
    When I remembered
    the poem I never wrote.

    1.Veaceslav Samoskin (Russian Federation)
    2.Laurian Stanchescu (Bucharest, Romania)
    3.Carolina Ilica (Romania)
    4.George Vulturecu (Satu Mare, Romania)
    5..Svante Svahnstrom (Sweden-France)
    6.Acad. Kae Morii (Japan)
    7.Acad. Dumitru M. Ion (Bucharest, Romania)
    8.Mohammed Al-Nabhan (Kuwait-Canada)
    9.Ana Brnardic (Croatia)
    10.Varujan Vosganian (Bucharest, Romania)
    11.Acad. Liv Lundberg (Norway)
    12.Peter Waugh (Great Britain)
    13.Cornel Antoniu (Galati, Romania)
    14.Ernesto Pangilian Santiago (Philippines)
    15.Rade Silian (Republic of Macedonia)
    16.Maria Pia Quintavalla (Italy)
    17.Fide Erken (Turkey)
    18.Acad. Ivan Esenski (Bulgaria)
    19.Ricardo Bornez Fernandez (Spain)
    20.Denisa Popescu (Pitesti, Romania)
    21.Zoran Pesic Sigma (Serbia)
    22.Erkut Tokman (Turkey)
    23.Nicolae Stoie (Brasov, Romania)
    24.Dina Cuvata (Republic of Macedonia)
    25.Lisa Mayer (Austria)
    26.Ivan Negrisorac (Serbia)
    27.Miroslav Kirin (Croatia)
    28.Rodian Dragoi (Turnu Magurele, Romania)
    29.Stefania Oproescu (Focsani, Romania)
    30.Janusz Drzewucki (Poland)
    31.Jeton Kelmendi (Albany)
    32.Ianos Turcanu (Republic of Moldavia)
    33.Sulaiman Al-Hukmiyya (Syria)
    34.Dumitru Enache (Curtea de Arges, Romania)
    35.Ahmed Emin Atasoi (Turkey)
    36.Maria Sleahtitchi (Republic of Moldavia)
    37.Constantin Gheorghinoiu (Braila, Romania)
    38.Hanane Aad (Lebanon)
    39.Danil Faizov (Russian Federation)
    40.Iurii Zvetkov (Russian Federation)

    Traducere de TEODORA GOIA